Putting Children in the Right: Guidelines for Journalists and Media Professionals


The aim of the Guidelines is to raise the standards of journalism in reporting on issues involving children, and to encourage media to promote children’s rights and give them a voice.

Citoyens et media: Guide pratique pour un dialogue entre citoyens et media


Par ce projet de dialogue citoyen, il s’agit finalement d’offrir aux médias, qui sont un acteur clé dans la société civile, une alliance avec un autre acteur qui a sa place dans la société civile d

The Media and Children’s Rights


This handbook has been produced to help media professionals working on stories about children to appreciate the rights of children and encourage their participation in the mass media.

Live From Africa: A Handbook for African Radio Journalists


The handbook reviews reporting on general, political and human rights issues. It provides essential guidance on many of the basic techniques of reporting, as well as libel matters.

Diversity Toolkit for Factual Programmes in Public Service Television


This toolkit, accompanied by a DVD, is aimed at media professionals who need to become aware of their own prejudices regarding cultural diversity.

Bridging the Divides: Improving Relations between India and Pakistan - A Handbook on Good Journalism Practice


This Handbook is a useful resource to promote conflict sensitive journalism, which in turn promotes peace building and conflict prevention, thus bridging the divides between the peoples of Pakistan

Reporting Transitional Justice: A Handbook for Journalists


This Handbook is part of a project called “Communicating Justice,” encouraging continuous commitment from local actors to improve the quality and quantity of transitional justice (TJ) coverage in f