FAO’s Thematic Knowledge Networks


FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – is an Associated Partner of the Open Training Platform since its creation in 2007. The FAO's thematic knowledge networks (TKN) have the same objectives that UNESCO is striving to achieve through the OTP: facilitate a collaborative access to existing free resources to specialized groups, and local communities for development.

The TKN has an additional specific objective to provide more direct access to the Organization’s knowledge on sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries development. FAO created aThematic Knowledge Network Community Centre (TKN CC)to support FAO's integrating of knowledge sharing networks and communities into the work of the organization,plus a collection of resources and links discussing the design, development and evolution of a knowledge sharing network or community. The topics these resources cover range from planning your network or community, to facilitating and monitoring activity, as well as examples of approaches, methods and tools you can use in these processes.

The TKN CC resource centerreleases different resources such as Tool Kits,Knowledge Networks and Communities of Practice, a Tool Box and a Glossary as well as sharing experiences about planning, facilitating and monitoring your network or community, inclusive of the approaches and methods mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Source: http://www.fao.org