The Global Open Access Portal


On 1st November 2011, during UNESCO’s 36th General Conference in Paris, the Communication and Information Sector will launch the Global Open Access Portal (GOAP).
Funded by the Governments of Columbia, Denmark, Norway, and the State Department of the USA, the GOAP presents a snapshot of the current status of Open Access (OA) to scientific information around the world. GOAP has been designed to provide the necessary information for policy-makers to learn about the global OA environment and to view their country’s status, enabling an understanding ofwhere and why Open Access has been most successful.
The primary target audience includes policy-makers, advocates, and delegates from national, regional, and non-governmental organizations as well as members of the OA community. The Portal aims to be the first destination of information seekers on OA. It is also supplemented by a Community of Practice through the existing online platform “WSIS Knowledge Communities”.
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