New version of Open Training Platform at UNESCO


The UNESCO Communication and Information Sector will officially launch on1stNovember2011, a revamped version of its Open Training Platform (OTP) on the occasion of UNESCO’s 36th General Conference in Paris.

Inaugurated in 2007, the OTP is open to everyone: teachers, trainers, policy makers, specialists and students with more than 3,500 links to free training and learning resources (on-line courses, e-books, guidelines, course material, pedagogical material, curriculums; etc.). Different partners and members share contents in different development domains, in a variety of ways, such as adult literacy, agriculture, community development, information management, culture, education, and a number of social issues.

Use, learn, collaborate! Be a member of the OpenTrainingPlatform!Propose your own productions or your favorite open resources, learn and interact with our partners and other members.