The Family Planning Manager's Handbook: Basic Skills and Tools for Managing Family Planning Programs


The "Family Planning Manager's Handbook" is a standard text in management training courses around the world and has received wide recognition as a practical guide for managers of health and family

Child Protection Policy


This book has been produced by the Mkombozi Center for Street Children, with the aim of promoting children’s protection and safety.

Guidelines on Applying for Graduate Assistantship Scheme


The assistantship program is designed to aid in the successful completion of the degree pursued and to enhance career opportunities through applied professional experiences.

Policy and Guidelines for Research Programs in UNITAR: Guidelines for Students, Supervisors and Administrators


This guideline establishes the academic procedures and policies for graduate research supervision, examination procedure, and the roles and responsibilities of the students and their supervisors.

Electoral Management Bodies as Institutions of Governance


This paper is a policy study based on preliminary research in the new field of electoral institutions and administration.

Terminal Devices Used in Connection with the Public Telephone Service (other than telephones)


Many terminal devices are available that may be substituted for, or used in conjunction with, subscribers’ telephones in the public telephone service.

Drug-Free Workplace Kit


The purpose of this Drug-Free Workplace Kit is to provide public and private workplaces, from small to large and from local to global, with credible, authoritative, evidence-based information, reso

COPE for Reproductive Health Services: A Toolbook to Accompany the COPE Handbook


This toolbook deals with client-oriented, provider-efficient services (COPE). It has four sections: a Self-Assessment Guide, a Client-Interview Guide, Client-Flow Analysis, and the Action Plan.

Clinic Supervisor’s Manual


The Clinic Supervisor’s Manual is a collection of adaptable tools and guidelines designed to help clinic supervisors and clinic managers achieve objective improvements in the quality of health care

Supporting Early Childhood Professionals through Content-Focused Mentoring: A Resource Guide


This guide is intended to provide support related to content-focused mentoring to early childhood professionals, to transform teachers’ practice in key early learning areas and to improve child out